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Did the Fall of the Berlin Wall Hurt Economic Growth? (Bloomberg Businessweek)


Sluggish economic growth is only one of many problems that plague post-communist societies. In 1988, the top fifth of Russia’s population controlled 34 percent of the country’s income. The most recent number is a 47 percent share. The country’s life expectancy has only recently recovered its level in the last years of communism. If the past 75 years of Eastern Europe’s history have a lesson for growth theory, it’s that self-declared socialist states have no monopoly on inefficiency, inequity, and corruption.

Hospitals for Health – Amanda Glassman

Where do you go when hit with a serious medical condition? “The hospital!” is an obvious answer for people in high income countries, but for people in low-income and emerging market economies, access to a proper hospital is often just a dream. Why are decent hospitals in the developing world so few and far between?  

Debating the Rainforest - Frances Seymour

On September 18th, 2014, CGD Senior Fellow Frances Seymour moderated a panel at a conference in Oslo to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Rainforest Foundation – Norway. 

Video | Girl Summit DC 2014

On July 22 in London, British Prime Minister David Cameron hosted the Girl Summit with UNICEF, which brought together community leaders, governments, international organizations and the private sec

A TPPing Point on Trade? - Harsha Singh

TPP? TTIP? In the world of trade negotiations, there is no shortage of acronyms. And who better to break them down for us than Harsha Singh, former deputy director general at the World Trade Organization?